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BTC Vault Downloads & Installation Instructions



There are two ways to run BTC Vault: from a USB stick or from CD-Rom. While a USB stick has the advantage that you can update it easily and even store your wallet file on it a CD-Rom provides additional security as it cannot be modified. More instructions and help can be found in the Slax documentation.

Usage on CD-Rom

To use BTC Vault on a CD-Rom please download the ISO file and burn it to a blank CD-Rom. This does not mean to simply copy the ISO file as a single file onto the CD, the contents of the CD are actually contained inside the ISO file. If your system recognizes the ISO file type, it will probably offer you to burn it on as CD if you click on it. Otherwise you must download a CD burning tool, that supports ISO files.
After burning the CD you have to insert it into your CD drive and reboot your computer in order to run BTC Vault.

Usage on USB Stick

To use BTC Vault on a USB stick please download the ZIP file and extract it to the USB stick. Make sure that the directory slax is on the top level directory of your USB stick and not contained in another directory.
Now you need to make your USB stick bootable by running (by double-clicking) the file bootinst.bat in the folder boot (under the slax folder).
Please be aware that your USB stick canbe changed by malicious software when it is plugged into a computer, so you should use a dedicated USB stick for BTC Vault and only attach it to a computer when it is shut off.