Frequently Asked Questions

Why does BTC Vault not include other bitcoin clients ?

Most bitcoin clients other than Electrum need to download an maintain the block chain. Updating the block chain means a download of several megabytes up to some gigabytes depending on the client. This is not suitable for a live distribution that can not store the block chain and needs to download it on every run.

Why does BTC Vault not include $feature ?

Most likely because BTC Vault is very young and I focused on getting it to work. If you feel that something is missing, please contact me.

How often will there be new releases and do I have to update ?

I do not plan to have some scheduled releases. Instead I will update it from time to time to fix bugs, include new features and update to included software. For users that already have a version of BTC Vault there should not be a immediate need to update to a new release as the old one should be fine.

How can I be sure that BTC Vault does not steal my coins ?

You can and should check for yourself by performing the steps described in the section Security.