The Topology Management Tool (ToMaTo) is a networking testbed, giving researchers the possibility to design and use virtual networking topologies consisting of devices and connectors. ToMaTo utilizes Proxmox virtualization technology (OpenVZ and KVM), Tinc VPN and Dummynet link emulation to organize virtual machines in virtual topologies.


ToMaTo has been developed as part of the G-Lab experimental facility. The G-Lab project consists of a Germany-wide research and experimental facility used to investigate the interplay between new technologies and the requirements of emerging applications. The BMBF funded project consists of 32 partners. The first phase started in October 2008 with six partners and runs for three years. The second phase started in September 2009 and consists of nine additional research projects. The G-Lab testing facilities consist of wired and wireless hardware with over 170 nodes which are fully controllable by the G-Lab partners.

German-Lab ToMaTo Testbed

The ToMaTo testbed in the German-Lab experimental facility is located at This testbed is only accessible to the members of the German-Lab project and researchers of parner projects.

Github Project

The ToMaTo community project is hosted at Github at and offers a wiki containing detailed documentation and a ticket tracking system for reporting bugs and requesting features.